Steve Rutberg, Sales and Marketing Director
Firebrand Technologies
steve.rutberg@firebrandtech. com

May 29, 2013, Newburyport, MA–Firebrand Technologies, a leading publishing industry technology services company, today announced that they have been selected to provide worldwide digital content distribution services and metadata services for print and digital books for Simon & Schuster, one of the world’s largest trade consumer publishers, through Firebrand’s Content Services and Eloquence Metadata solutions.

“Now more than ever, an efficient digital supply chain is a strategic asset,” said Frank Nunez, Vice President, Business Operations, Simon & Schuster. “Firebrand’s Title Management system has long been at the core of a consistent title creation process for our organization, and it was a natural choice to take advantage of the automated connections between Title Management, Eloquence and Content Services.”

In addition to digital content distribution for sales, compatibility with marketing services like NetGalley and Search Inside programs, and Print on Demand, the project includes extensive automated support to communicate territory restrictions, rights, and complex pricing, as well as integration with Simon & Schuster’s in-house digital asset management system. Working with Firebrand, Simon & Schuster will distribute content and metadata in ONIX format to its trading partners worldwide through automated processes incorporated into their workflow. 

“Our mission is to develop solutions and services that support better connections between publishers, readers and content,” said Doug Lessing, President, Firebrand Technologies. “Simon & Schuster’s integrated approach makes sound business sense and we believe will result in real efficiencies in their processes, faster time to market, and ultimately more visibility of their content with readers.”


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