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(May 21, 2013) – The Parable Group announced today that their Email Append service, launched in 2008, has located over a quarter million customer email addresses and has successfully reactivated inactive customers for participating stores. Furthermore, reactivated customers spent three times the participating stores’ investment to find those email addresses.

Erik Ernstrom, Business Intelligence Manager stated, “It’s much easier and more profitable to reactivate an old, "lost" customer, than to acquire a new one. We have learned that finding these customers for stores, and bringing them back home through Email Append is an extremely successful and cost effective strategy. The Email Append service pays for itself.”

The Parable Group Email Append service adds email addresses to stores’ lists by quickly finding and matching email addresses for existing postal address files. Then, The Parable Group sends an opt-out email to all emails matched with Email Append, thus double-checking their veracity and ensuring recipients’ permission to be sent email communication from the requesting store. Matched emails are then provided to the store, and stores only pay for deliverable addresses.

Kyla Falkenhagen, Lead Business Analyst added, “Approximately 20% of a store’s mailing list will return with matching email addresses. So a physical mailing list with 5,000 names could instantly add 1,000 email addresses!”

The Parable Group Email Append service has allowed participating stores to re-engage customers who were previously inactive (not shopped in 18 months) and underserved due to the higher costs of other communication channels. With newly appended email addresses, participating stores are able to build new email relationships with former customers and leverage those relationships through multichannel marketing efforts.

Steve Potratz, Founder and CEO stated, “Email is an effective way to expand communications to your less active customers and to begin to see monetary value from them once again. As a store owner, it is critical to your success to get the word out about your products through various marketing channels, and to let your customer decide where and how they wish to respond. If the rising cost of printing and sending direct mail doesn’t allow you to dig deep into your customer file, then sending emails is a great way to re-engage these customers.”

The Parable Group Email Append Service has located email addresses for Parable Christian Stores and other independently-owned Christian Bookstores. This service is open to all stores in the industry.

The Parable Group currently provides multi-channel service options that allows any Christian store in the industry to select the service mix that is right for their business—be it data services, digital/email services and print/mail services. Stores do not need to be Parable members or franchisees to receive services.


For over 25 years The Parable Group has helped independent stores buy, promote and sell products using data, technology and marketing expertise in the Christian market. The Parable Group is a leading retail services provider specializing in print and digital marketing for independent Christian stores, and delivering innovative, industry-leading marketing solutions connecting products and services to Christian consumers. For more information, contact Sally Ross ( or visit The Parable Group is based in San Luis Obispo, CA.