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Torrance, CAThe despair and pain women experience during a difficult divorce are almost unimaginable. For many, their hopes and dreams lie shattered on the floor. Their loneliness and sadness are overwhelming. And for those who have children, fears about their future haunt them.

Even though Christians honor and uphold marriage, the divorce rate – even for those who are active in their church – is high. Experts disagree on the exact figure, but many estimate that between 38% to 50% of divorces each year involve Christians. That means about 400,000-500,000 Christian marriages end each year.

For many women, this is the darkest time they will ever face in their lives. They are often overwhelmed by anger, rejection, and loneliness, feeling that God no longer loves them. Some crumble under the weight of stress and despair. It can often take a long time to recover and find happiness again.

That’s why Michelle Borquez created Live Again, a DVD-based recovery series just for women. The series includes eight 30-minute sessions on the topics Christian women truly need: accepting reality, loneliness, forgiveness, sex and dating, respect, wholeness, and more.

“No matter how much pain and loneliness you feel right now, these videos will help you live again and find hope,” says Michelle Borquez, the host of Live Again. Michelle is an author and speaker, who is also the national spokesman for Beth Moore’s “Loving Well” TV special.

Without a roadmap to healing, many women find themselves going down the wrong path and having to do U-turns to get back on track. They end up in bad relationships, depression, and fear. Some feel that God can never forgive them. They think their lives are over and they have a black cloud over their heads. They worry about themselves and their children.

"Live Again is exactly what churches need to reach out to women who’ve been devastated by divorce. It’s a Christ-centered women’s recovery program that helps them heal and draw closer to the Lord."
—Pastor Roger Ball, First Baptist Church, Tempe, AZ

Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce helps women find hope and a future. In each of the 8 sessions, Michelle interviews a woman who tells her story. It is encouraging to watch these women share deeply from their hearts, not only about the sadness and the grieving process, but how they found joy and strength. Michelle also interviews an expert or licensed counselor in each session who gives practical advice on how to heal.

Women can watch Live Again in their own homes. Or, they can find a friend or mentor and do it together. After each interview there are journaling and discussion questions, and there’s even a Live Again online group they can join to talk with other women who have experienced the same things they have.

“This is exactly what Christian women need when they’ve gone through the tragedy of divorce,” says Bethany Crocker, a women’s ministry leader. “They need to know they are not alone. And God can and will use them again. They worry that they’ve already missed Plan A and Plan B, but the Lord promises to weave the tragedy into something that’s better than they ever hoped. Live Again DVD is the only divorce recovery program I’ve ever seen made just for Christian women. It’s flexible. I can lend the DVD, or invite a woman over to my house, or start a group at church.”

The 8-session complete kit for Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce (ISBN 9781596366336) is available wherever good Christian books are sold, including LifeWay Stores, Family Christian Stores, Berean Stores, Mardel, Christian Book Distributors, and Or buy directly from Aspire Press at It has a 100% money-back guarantee.

Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce DVD is published by Aspire Press, an imprint of Rose Publishing, one of the top Christian publishers for Bible study and Bible reference products, and a supplier member of Christian Booksellers Association and the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. Rose Publishing was named “Supplier of the Year” in 2011 by Christian Retailing magazine.


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