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Two weeks ago Jesus made the news in India. A children’s primary school textbook depicted Jesus, holding a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other, to teach kids that “i” is for “idol.” After a public outcry, the books were seized by authorities and the publisher issued an apology.


The example is extreme—but the lesson it teaches about the importance of Christian resources is critical. How is the truth about Jesus communicate to the next generation? How can we make sure that the life-saving message of the gospel is shared with those who need it most? Where are the books and Bibles that will aid the Church in its work?  

“We are excited to announce that we will be holding an organizational meeting for the Christian trade in India,” says Jim Powell, president of ChristianTrade Association International. “We want to link organizations committed to fulfilling the Great Commission through the distribution of Christian resources.” He hopes that the meeting, planned for mid-September at the Bangalore offices of the Bible Society in India, will spark a new era of cooperation and growth for the sector. 

“India’s diverse religious climate presents unique challenges for those who proclaim the good news about Jesus,” adds Powell. “We invite Christian suppliers and retailers to see how they can increase their impact through working together.”  

The India event will follow Marketsquare Asia, an annual convention organized by ChristianTrade. In 2010, Marketsquare Asia is expected to take place 2-11 September in three separate venues: Beijing, Seoul, and Singapore. 

“This is our most ambitious year yet,” says Powell. “The Church around the world is growing, and it is exciting to see the potential for Christian resources on a global scale.”And if ChristianTrade succeeds, maybe the next time a book on Jesus makes the news in India, He will be depicted, not as an idol, but as the Savior. Wouldn’t that be great?  


ChristianTrade Association International is a worldwide association of nations, companies, and individuals committed to fulfilling the Great Commission by distributing Christian resources. It holds international regional conventions in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America; publishes an annual Christian-trade directory; hosts international events at CBA’s International Christian Retail Show; and serves as a catalyst for growing the Christian trade worldwide. For more information about ChristianTrade activities, please visit or e-mail For more details about the India meeting or Marketsquare Asia, please contact Kim Pettit (+1-719-432-8428 or