Thursday, 11 April 2013 | Andi Sporkin


Washington, DC; April 11, 2013 — For calendar year 2012, US Trade publishers’ net revenue grew by 6.2% as compared to calendar year 2011, according to the Association of American Publishers “StatShot” monthly report for December 2012, released today.

The report also showed increases year over year for net revenue in the Trade categories of Adult Fiction/Non-Fiction and Children’s/Young Adults.

In formats, Adult Fiction/Non-Fiction saw growth in eBooks, downloaded audiobooks and paperbacks while Children’s/YA eBooks, hardcover and board books saw increases. The eBook format in the Religious Presses category also grew as compared to 2011.

The StatShot December data was provided by 1193 publishers. The Trade sector of publishing includes Fiction and Non-Fiction for Adults, Children’s and Young Adult books and Religious Presses.

This report also marks the 10th anniversary of AAP’s compilation of Trade publishers’ annual net revenue from eBook sales. Since the extent and categories of publishers reporting data, the definitions of formats and the methodology of the surveys themselves have evolved and sharpened so dramatically over the past decade, the annual results can’t be directly compared. But it’s possible to view them on an anecdotal level. According to the AAP figures:


  • In 2002, those Trade publishers reporting eBooks to AAP noted the format represented 0.05% of their total share of net revenue
  • By 2006, eBooks were reported as 0.50% of participating Trade publishers’ net revenue; it reached 1.18% by 2008
  • The following year, the digital transition was underway and percentages reported grew rapidly: from 3.17% (2009) to 16.98% (2011) and now, for 2012, 22.55%


The complete monthly StatShots surveys are provided to AAP member organizations and paid subscribers; only highlights are included here. For details on subscription purchases or further media inquiries, contact

What’s the difference between the StatShot monthly reports and the BookStats annual industry survey?


StatShot is the monthly report produced by AAP; it captures actual overall category and format sales of participating publishers, approximately 1200 organizations. The full StatShot report provides data on gross sales, returns and net revenues for a single month as well as the same month a year ago. StatShot also provides cumulative year-to-date figures and compares them to the previous year’s — so its December report has full calendar year-to-date revenue figures as noted here. StatShot does not provide figures on units.

BookStats is the annual survey of the size and scope of the US publishing industry, co-produced by AAP and the Book Industry Study Group (BISG). It is an estimate representing the full size of the industry: It’s based on data provided from thousands of publishers in combination with data for all titles published in the United States that are given an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), the commercial book identifier. Along with net revenues, BookStats reports net units, sales distribution channels figures and offers a historical multi-year track of its stats.

Since the source data and methodology differ, information from the two reports can’t be compared.

BookStats 2013 will be released in May. Advance orders can be placed now.