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WESTMONT, IL—Os Guinness, a prominent social critic and author of more than twenty- five books, will be releasing his second book with InterVarsity Press titled The Global Public Square: Religious Freedom and the Making of a World Safe for Diversity (September 2013). In this groundbreaking book Guinness answers questions surrounding the idea of maintaining personal freedom amidst the differences that arise in public life. Guinness claims to hold a golden key to a troublesome issue in the future of humankind, and charts a course to fulfill the promise of President Kennedy‟s dream of “a world safe for diversity.”

“The present generation now rising to its early adulthood across the earth can be described as "the crunch generation‟ because of the present state of the global era and the many crucial issues converging to challenge humankind … economic, technological, demographic, social, political, medical, environmental, as well as nuclear,” wrote Guinness. “If the coming generation answers these issues responsibly and well, the world can look forward to calmer sailing. But if they are answered badly or not at all, the prospects for the future and the future of humankind are turbulent.”

Al Hsu, senior editor of IVP Books, said: “Os Guinness is a tremendously perceptive thinker whose insights are widely respected, even by those who may not agree with him fully. His breadth of understanding and grasp of history give him distinct perspective for understanding current events. Religious freedom is a crucial issue for us today, both domestically and globally, and his new book casts a constructive vision for the common good of the whole world.”

In his first book with InterVarsity Press, A Free People’s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future, Guinness argued that the American experiment in freedom is at risk and called us to reconsider the audacity of sustainable freedom and what it would take to restore it.

Guinness has been the subject of numerous media interviews, appearing on programs such as C-SPAN‟s Booknotes. Most recently Rush Limbaugh quoted A Free People’s Suicide on his March 18 broadcast when he turned to the topic of freedom. He said that he agreed with Guinness‟s view of freedom and virtue, and drew from this excerpt for the broadcast discussion: “Americans today are heedlessly pursuing a vision of freedom that is short-lived and suicidal. Once again, freedom without virtue; leadership without character; business without trust; law without customs; education without meaning; and medicine, science and technology without human considerations can end only in disaster.”

Guinness, also the author of the well-known The Case for Civility, has been a frequent speaker and seminar leader at political and business conferences in both Europe and the United States, and has addressed audiences from the House of Commons to the U.S. Congress. His countless addresses at leading universities have helped to influence an entire generation of thinkers.

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