Laura Baker, Marketing Manager, Sheridan Books, Inc.,

Hunt Valley, MD – The Rockefeller University Press (the Press) enlisted Sheridan Books, Inc. and the Sheridan Technology Lab to develop an eCommerce solution to help the Press reach more readers with their book list. The challenge was to make the content easily accessible from a single web page in a variety of formats.

Sheridan Connect, one of Sheridan’s three Electronic Content Services’ direct to consumer content distribution platforms, was the perfect solution. Using Sheridan Connect, Sheridan created a custom branded eCommerce site for the Press’ book list. This new site, for the sale of both electronic and printed books, was integrated seamlessly into their existing website. When an eBook order is placed, the title is made available instantly for download. The Press’s printed books are warehoused at Sheridan – so when a print version is ordered, Sheridan fulfills the order from their warehouse. If the title is not in stock, Sheridan produces it via on-demand printing and ships it directly to the consumer. To make the greatest number of titles available, the Press also asked Sheridan to convert their backlist titles to eBook form for inclusion on their new eCommerce site.

“The Sheridan Connect platform seamlessly integrates with our existing website,” comments Mike Rossner, Ph.D., Executive Director at The Rockefeller University Press. “It provides a variety of product offerings, including electronic and print options for each title. Sheridan handles all of the eCommerce on our behalf. The Rockefeller University Press has a long history of book publishing, but until now we have not offered them in any format other than print. Sheridan’s Electronic Content Services provides our customers with a variety formats, including the most up-to-date electronic formats.”

Marie Ketner, Technology Manager for Sheridan Books remarked, “This is an exciting project for Sheridan as the solution for The Rockefeller University Press utilizes many of our services allowing us to showcase our full-service direct to consumer sales channel for publishers.”


About Rockefeller University Press
The Rockefeller University Press (the Press), located in New York City, is committed to quality and integrity in scientific publishing. The Press’ goal is to publish excellent science using the latest technologies and to conduct rigorous peer review while applying the highest standards of novelty, mechanistic insight, data integrity, and general interest.

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