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Last month, ANL (AssociaçãoNacional das Livrarias), Brazil’s national booksellers association issued its annual report on the state of industry. It noted that while only 46% of bookstores sold religious titles in 2009, that figure has risen to 76% in 2012. Growth in distribution of religious titles is just one indicator of the dynamism of the industry in this country, where the evangelical population is experiencing unprecedented growth.

To meet the demands in this changing market, ChristianTrade member nation organizations in the country are celebrating significant milestones and planning events in the next few months.

ASEC (Associação de Editores Cristãos), the Christian publishers association in Brazil, will celebrate its 25th anniversary this summer at a special event during the second edition of FLIC (Feira Literária Internacional Cristã), its international Christian book fair, to be held in Sao Paulo June 5-8, 2013.

At last year’s FLIC, ASEC president Sergio Henrique de Lima, publisher of Editora Vida, provided a brief overview of the Brazilian Christian market, noting that evangelicals comprise about 30% of the population of Brazil and read about seven books per year. ASEC estimates that last year its members achieved sales of 400 million reais, or nearly US$200 million, per year, and expect sales to increase by 50 million reais (US$25 million) in 2013. For more information, visit and

ANLE (AssociaçãoNacional das Livrarias Evangélicas), or the Christian retailers association in Brazil, its planning this year to hold its annual convention at FIC (Feira Internacional Cristã), to be held July 17-20, 2013, also in Sao Paulo.

Wilson Pereira Jr., ANLE’s president, expects 200,000 people will attend the consumer-oriented portion of this new convention managed by Geo Eventos, while 3,000 industry professionals will attend the business-to-business portion of the event. For more information, e-mail Pereira at or visit

“ChristianTrade strives to stay abreast of developments in our industry on an international level,” says executive director Kim Pettit. “We are excited about the opportunities for the Church in Brazil.”

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