(Nashville, Tenn.) Three Tommy Nelson children’s books were recently named recipients of the highly sought after 2010 Mom’s Choice Awards®, a premier award recognizing and honoring excellence in family-friendly products. An esteemed panel of judges including Dr. Twila C. Liggett (founder of Reading Rainbow), Julie Aigner-Clark (creator of Baby Einstein), parents, children, authors, and experts from many fields chose these three books as worthy of the coveted Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Seal: Jungle Jack’s Wackiest, Wildest, and Weirdest Animals in the World by Jack Hanna, I Believe Bunny by Tish Rabe and A Night Night Prayer by Amy Parker.

Everyone’s favorite animal expert, Jungle Jack Hanna, is no stranger to the Mom’s Choice Awards®. Last year he took home gold for both Passport Into the Wildand Romp, Stomp, Waddle Home!in the Animal Kingdom category. This year Jack makes it three with his most recent book Jungle Jack’sWackiest, Wildest, and Weirdest Animals in the World. A true adventurer at heart, Jungle Jack Hanna has been all over the world and has seen his share of unique animals. Have you ever seen a naked mole rat or a blue-footed booby? Do you know what a binturong is? With his new book, he invites kids to look through his eyes at the strange, unusual, and sometimes downright weird characters that make up the animal world through fascinating facts, stories and colorful photos. The book also includes a bonus DVD with hilarious bloopers from Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild and other shows from his career.

Speaking of animals, furry friends have always hopped through the pages of beloved children’s literature from Peter Cottontail to The Velveteen Rabbit and many more. These classic characters evoke nostalgic memories and continue to spark the imaginations of a young generation of readers today. But what if the bunnies in these classic children’s stories had a bigger message to share? What if a bunny could capture not only children’s hearts and imaginations but also inspire them to something greater? Award-winning educational author Tish Rabe answers that question with a new series of children’s books: The I Believe Bunny, a delightful collection that helps children learn about believing, sharing, and putting their faith into action.

Tish Rabe is now adding a gold Mom’s Choice Award® in the Values & Life Lessons category to the list for the first book in the series, I Believe Bunny. This precious book teaches the importance of calling on God for our every need and helps children remember to be thankful for God’s work in their lives.

For some parents, the precious moments as little ones snuggle into bed after a day of tiresome adventures may be the only considerable quality time they get with their children each day.  This lack of extra time has led many parents to cherish bedtime routines even more, as bedtime may be the perfect time to squeeze in a few more precious minutes together before tots head off to dreamland. A Night Night Prayer, the debut release from children’s author Amy Parker, captures the timelessness of traditional bedtime stories with the rhythmic repetition of a child bidding goodnight to all of God’s creation and has now been recognized as worthy of the Mom’s Choice Gold Medal for a Bedtime Story. The cozy setting of a sweet goodnight comes to life with beautiful illustrations that create the calming effect of this soon-to-be classic.  As they say goodnight to a sleepy world, children will be introduced to the idea of thankfulness for the creation around them and will begin to cherish prayer in their young lives.

All of these award-winning books contain innovative, entertaining, and educational messages that have struck a chord with children and parents everywhere.  Discerning parents will appreciate the family-friendly fun and encouraging truths of these standout products.  Great children’s books like these do more than simply entertain; they spark imaginations and encourage a love of reading and learning that will serve children for a lifetime.

The Mom’s Choice Awards® is known for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family friendly media, products and services. This annual competition recognizes authors, inventors, companies, parents and others for their efforts in creating quality family-friendly media products and services.