Independent Christian retailers sold a record 80,000+ New, Sale and Bestselling Promotion Products in-store with special Signature Website Network coordinated promotions 4Q 2012. These vendor-supported promotions were featured on retailers’ store branded Signature Websites, in personalized email marketing and on their customized in-store endcap signage. Driving 4Q in-store sales were customers viewing over 3 million pages on Signature Websites and customers receiving over 2 million permission based store branded email marketing pieces featuring their coordinated in-store endcap and other promotional products.

Retailers increased the in-store sales of their marketing group promotions as well with store-branded Munce, Parable, Logos and Innovative Church Marketing digital catalogs featured on their Signature Websites. Digital catalogs featured on retailers’ websites and emailed to their customers provided customers access to extended product information with a simple mouse click on products in their digital catalog. Customers accessed thousands of book chapters, audio and video samples, author bios and other featured content on retailers’ websites. Catalog products were showcased on retailers’ Signature Websites at the prices listed in their catalog, showing in-store stock and providing convenient in-store order pick-up options.

Independent Christian retailers of all sizes are benefiting from the increased promotion, traffic and sales provided by the Signature Websites Network. “We are excited to be selling so many of our vendor-supported in-store promotion products that we are increasing our orders,” said Mark Griffin of J. Farvers. “Our Signature Website and their weekly professional email promotions showcase our store, promotions and digital catalogs…they’re driving our store traffic and sales.”

“We are fully committed to helping retailers succeed by generating the traffic, sales and profits which are necessary for them to compete in today’s marketplace,” said Larry Haege of Signature Websites. “By providing retailers with premier branded websites, weekly branded email marketing and custom in-store promotions each month, we give retailers the tools they need to actively promote their store and drive in-store sales every day.

Innovative, Inc. ( is a leader in integrated traditional and new media marketing solutions including Church Marketing solutions for over 600 independent Christian retailers, as well as many of America’s leading Christian Broadcasters and Ministries. Innovative Church Marketing and Signature Websites have been the marketing solutions of choice for leading Christian retailers for over 25 years. For additional information visit or contact Richard Hauhuth at (888)747-4264 x2024.