BELLINGHAM, Wash., October 15, 2012Jarrid Wilson’s remarkable success in spreading the Gospel with technology makes him an ideal partner for Logos Bible Software’s publishing imprint, Kirkdale Press. Wilson has signed with the digital imprint for his debut devotional, 30 Words.


“My passion is to turn my social networks into Gospel good works,” says Wilson, who has a substantial Twitter and Facebook following, along with a podcast listenership in the tens of thousands. “God has given us the internet as an amazing tool to reach millions of people all around the world. To not use this tool in furthering the kingdom would be foolish on all our parts.” Wilson’s social media and blogging work has ushered in a new wave of Christian evangelism and started the next generation of pastoral leadership.


Every day for 30 days, 30 Words: A Devotional for the Rest of Us gives readers a word to meditate on that relates to the Gospel, as well as a teaching, a verse and a challenge to live out that day’s word through social media interactions.


“Social media is an incredibly powerful tool to communicate and connect with any message or cause,” says Logos’ social media coordinator, Nathan Smoyer. “Wilson has been using these tools to educate, evangelize and encourage others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He’s found an elegant balance of creativity and rawness.”


Research suggests it takes 30 days to form habits. Wilson’s goal is to make Bible study and prayer a habit for his readers — both in and beyond the 30-day window. ”I pray [that 30 Words is] not just looked at as a devotional, but as a catalyst in finding a personal, nurturing, never-ending relationship with God,” says Wilson.


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