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(October 18, 2012) – This week Parable mailed their exclusively designed P. Graham Dunn catalog directly to over one hundred thousand customers spanning markets nationwide.


The Parable Group, in partnership with P. Graham Dunn, created a unique catalog touting personalized one-of-a-kind gifts for any member of the family. This direct-to-consumer catalog promotes the P. Graham Dunn personalization program found in over 150 retail stores nationwide.


“Parable and P. Graham Dunn share the same passion of serving independent Christian retailers,” says Parable Sales & Marketing Manager, Randy Maricle. “Coming together to create this catalog fit this mission and we’re proud of the outcome.”


The two parties agreed on a strategy based on a specialized catalog designed by the Parable team, promoting solely P. Graham Dunn personalized gifts, branded for each participating store, and mailed directly to their customers. This is the first of its kind and proves that Parable is committed to innovative marketing solutions.


“We couldn’t be more pleased with the way this initiative has been kicked off,” says Joe Knutson, Co-President of P. Graham Dunn, “Randy’s team created a consumer friendly marketing piece that reinforces the specialized offerings of your local Christian Bookstore.”


Advancements in technology have made comparison shopping as easy as snapping a photo from a smart phone.Personalization is a way for independents to break free from price erosion and hold on to sustainable margins. And as a result of continued economic uncertainty, consumers are looking for added value when they purchase gifts. And that’s what P. Graham Dunn offers with the personalization system.


Independent Christian stores across marketing groups, as well as mainstream gift stores chose to participate in this special catalog. P. Graham Dunn and Parable are committed to partnering on more direct-to-consumer gift-focused catalogs in 2013. And Parable welcomes any store with a P. Graham Dunn laser engraver to participate in these future catalogs with no requirement to join the group.


View the personalized gifts catalog here