BELLINGHAM, Wash., October 2, 2012Logos Bible Software is introducing an eight-week digital curriculum that lets pastors, groups and individuals explore God’s promise through Abraham’s story. Abraham: Following God’s Promise, the first release in Logos’ Studies in Faithful Living series, gives churchgoers a rich multimedia experience, putting graphics, sermon outlines and handouts, slideshows, lesson plans, videos and more just a click away.

“What if an entire church could unify around the message of following God’s promise?,” asks John D. Barry, publisher for Logos Bible Software. “How much would that church’s community, and the surrounding community, improve? What if the information people learned on Sunday came accompanied by small group discussion and self-study, in an intriguing format? That’s what the first volume in the Studies in Faithful series, Abraham: Following God’s Promise, accomplishes.”

The series’ lessons are designed to be taken onto the street and into the home.

Abraham is applicable, memorable and fascinating,” says Barry. “Abraham was a man of faith, but also a man of many failings. Created by a full research team with an eye for application, the series vividly tells Abraham and Sarah’s story and relates it to our faith journeys.”

Studies in Faithful Living was created to inspire users and let church leaders focus on their flocks, not sermon-prep legwork.

“The series combines what we know about learning, technology and helping people grow deeper in their faith,” Barry adds. “If you’re a small group leader, it will make your job easier, providing you with videos, discussion questions and a leader’s guide. If you’re a pastor, you’ll build better sermons with outlines, visual illustrations and a video introduction. If you’re looking to study the lives of biblical characters on your own and grow in your relationship with God, this is the resource for you. All this, along with in-depth commentary, Bible study tips and digital fill-in-the-blank answer boxes, makes teaching and learning from Abraham’s story rewarding.”

To learn more about Abraham: Following God’s Promise, click here. For information on the second Studies in Faithful Living installment, Mary: Devoted to God’s Plan, click here.

The Studies in Faithful Living series provides rich biblical character studies for individuals and entire churches. Each eight-week study book and church curriculum is an all-in-one program with everything a church needs: discussion guides and videos, application questions, sermon outlines and media, and more.

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