Torrance, California (August 10) – Rose Publishing and Joni Eareckson Tada have teamed up on series of a dozen fourteen page, four-color pamphlets. The initial offering of six will be available at the end of July and the second set by October. Each pamphlet accentuates a specific topic related to our faith. The first six in the series are: Making Sense of Suffering, God’s Hand in Our Hardships, Anger: Aim It in the Right Direction, Speaking God’s Language (prayer), Where’s My Miracle? (unanswered prayer), and A Thankful heart in a World of Hurt. For more information go to

Making Sense of Life and Faith in a World of Hurt
Joni Eareckson Tada tackles tough topics about life when it doesn’t go as planned

Torrance, California – Almost one in five people in the United States has some form of disability. Nearly twenty-five million fall under the label of “severe disability.” But disabilities, addictions, loss or disappointment have a way of upending our carefully programmed lives.

We live with the illusion that we have absolute control over our lives and our future until something uninvited and unexpected occurs. While we plan for college, a vocation, family or retirement, we rarely plan for a diagnosis of cancer, a stroke or accident.

Joni Eareckson Tada was 17 when her world came crashing down around her following a diving accident. At once, she went from an able-bodied girl with plans for her future to a quadriplegic confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. When suffering, trials, disappointment, or disease invade our lives, how do we handle it? For Joni it was the realization that she would never walk or run again and would never use her hands. She was trapped. Dependent. Stuck.

In a series of pamphlets by Rose Publishing Joni answers the big questions we face when confronted with our own “dark nights of the soul.” In Making Sense of Suffering she says, “Suffering teaches me that the greatest good of the Christian life is not the absence of pain, but the growth of Christlikeness.” We may not have a choice about the pain that invades our lives but we do have a choice about how we will respond; in bitterness and anger or in growth and trust.

In Anger: Aim It in the Right Direction, Joni explains that dealing with our anger due to circumstances beyond our control is never easy. “Merely replacing a destructive feeling by pasting on a smile is a surface solution, like whitewashing greasy walls of putting Band-Aids over gaping wounds. A deeper transformation is needed.”

The initial series of pamphlets also include God’s Hand in Our Hardship, A Thankful Heart in a World of Hurt, Where’s My Miracle (unanswered prayer), and Speaking God’s Language (prayer). The twelve pamphlet series is designed to give hope and provide answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions (see

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