BELLINGHAM, Wash., August 2, 2012Baker Academic, a division of Baker Publishing Group, is enriching its scholarly offerings by digitizing hundreds of its works, including the comprehensive 86-volume Biblical Studies Bundle, with Logos Bible Software’s cutting-edge Bible study tools and vast resources. Speaking to a new audience with Logos’ respected Christian voice, Baker is reaching out to Logos’ base of nearly 1.2 million users, who demand state-of-the-art, full-featured ebooks.

“Baker Academic is pleased to partner with the innovative team at Logos Bible Software to expand the reach of our academic biblical resources,” said Baker Publishing Group President Dwight Baker. “This agreement enhances our respective companies’ ability to serve a wider group of users, and we have high expectations for the results.”

Supplementing their hundreds of books already in Logos’ format, Baker has launched more than a dozen new bundles this summer, culminating in the 86-volume Biblical Studies Bundle. To celebrate the new Baker partnership, Logos is offering this bundle — written by 77 acclaimed authors — as a limited-time pre-order special at 60 percent off the retail price.

“It’s great to work with Baker Academic and make some of the best scholarly works even better with Logos’ leading technology,” said Logos President and CEO Bob Pritchett. “Now users can explore hundreds of Baker Academic works in minutes instead of days or weeks, utilizing all the tools of Logos 4 that dig deeper and interconnect with tens of thousands of other resources.”

Logos’ addition of recent Baker Academic titles makes accessing today’s most critical scholarly and theological thought both convenient and affordable, giving complete historical, cultural, social, religious, literary and theological perspectives on the Old and New Testaments while showing Scripture’s 21st-century relevance. Baker’s exhaustive Biblical Studies Bundle includes: Pentateuch Studies (3 vols.), Old Testament Studies (10 vols.), Old Testament Backgrounds (16 vols.), New Testament Backgrounds (19 vols.), Jesus Studies (8 vols.), the Pauline Studies Collection (16 vols.) and the New Testament Studies Collection (12 vols.).

Each Baker title taps into the Logos ecosystem’s vast resources, with access to 27,000-plus ebooks and myriad features, including notes, highlighting and pop-up Bible verses. Thanks to this state-of-the-art technology’s power to make books come alive, pre-orders for Baker Academic bundles have surged, with most Logos customers adding dozens of digital books at a time to their interconnected reference libraries.

For more information on Logos’ Baker Academic Biblical Studies Bundle, click here.

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