Todd Starowitz


Mavis Sanders


Carol Stream, ILWhen Haaretz, Israel’s oldest newspaper, broke a story late last Tuesday that Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of one of the founders of Hamas, had served as a spy for the Israeli security agency Shin Bet, it immediately received worldwide attention. Because of the global interest in the story, the demand for Yousef’s forthcoming memoir, Son of Hamas, has increased significantly. After serious consideration about whether to move up the street date, Tyndale will uphold its original March 2 date in order to be fair to all of its CBA and ABA retailers.

“As the story broke unexpectedly overnight in Jerusalem, we realized that not all of our customers would have books available yet if we decided to release the book earlier,” said Dave Endrody, vice president of sales at Tyndale House Publishers. “So,” he continued, “in the interest of fairness, we are holding to the original street date and will enforce it with customers according to agreed-upon policies that could have consequences for the release of future street-dated titles. We encourage our valued customers to presell the book between now and March 2.” 

While the exclusive Son of Hamas story will appeared in last Friday’s Haaretz Magazine, Yousef has a heavy schedule of press interviews slated for next week. He is currently scheduled to appear on NBC’s The Today Show during the 9:00 a.m. hour on Tuesday, March 2 and in a one on one interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN at 10:00p.m that evening.  On Wednesday, March 3, Yousef will appear with Sean Hannity on Fox News’ “Hannity TV.” Additional agreements are being arranged for interviews to air around the street date, between now and March 2. 

In Son of Hamas, Yousef reveals new information about this dangerous terrorist organization and unveils the truth behind his own secret role. He also describes his journey to a new faith—one that instructed him to love his enemies. And he tells the story of the agonizing decisions that led him to walk away from his family, friends, and homeland. 

Tyndale House Publishers was founded in 1962 by Dr. Kenneth N. Taylor as a means of publishing The Living Bible. Tyndale publishes the Holy Bible, New Living Translation (NLT), and other resources for home and family. Within the past ten years, more than thirty Tyndale nonfiction or fiction books have become New York Times best sellers. Tyndale is substantially owned by the Tyndale House Foundation. As a result, the company’s profits help underwrite the Foundation’s mission, which is to spread the Good News of Christ around the world. Tyndale House Publishers is located in Carol Stream, Illinois.