Carol Stream, Ill. — The Bible innovations team at Tyndale House Publishers announced today that the #1–selling Life Application Study Bible, which has sold more than 11 million copies in North America since its inception, has been completely reimagined to release as the Chronological Life Application Study Bible (Hardcover 978-1-4143-3927-6, $49.99) in September 2012. For the first time since the Life Application Study Bible was first published in 1988, the Bible text, notes, and helps are presented in chronological order and with a visually stunning full-color design, featuring a wide range of photos, illustrations, and archaeological insights into Bible life and times. The Chronological Life Application Study Bible enables readers to experience the sweep of biblical history along with the discovery and excitement of adventure.

Said Blaine Smith, Associate Publisher, “We expect fans of the Life Application Study Bible who have been using it for years for traditional Bible study and teaching will be the first to want to experience this new format. The Chronological Life Application Study Bible is a refreshing way to experience the Bible and a trusted way to apply its truths to your life. When you read the Life Application Study Bible in the chronological format, you are going to understand not only the story of the Bible but also what that story means to you personally.”


  • Visualized timeline at the top of every page provides a colorful cue for the ten major historical periods of the Bible so readers are instantly reminded of where a passage fits in the sweep of biblical history.
  • World-events timeline provides fascinating insights into the broader world events happening at the same time as the events reported in the Bible.
  • Bible-era introductions invite the reader into each of the ten major historical periods in the Bible and provide surprising insights.
  • Contextual outline makes it easy to understand the context of each Bible passage while navigating the chapters of God’s story.
  • Archaeological notes and people profiles introduce the key people, places, and cultures of the Bible. Ancient artifacts and customs, along with full-color images of significant ancient sites, help readers grasp the history of the Bible.
  • Full-color detailed timelines, maps, diagrams, photos, specially commissioned artwork, and more all add to the experience!

Keith Williams, Senior Editor, Bibles and Reference, remarked, “We have notes that are centered on archaeological sites, artifacts, and places that are all brought together with the Life Application concept. It’s not just about these things that existed in the past. It’s about how these things were part of God’s story, and how it helps the reader live his or her Christian life today.”

Retailers will be supported with a freestanding podium display and downloadable electronic files for in-store and online promotional needs. The Bible will be featured in a comprehensive national advertising campaign that will include placements in the industry’s leading publications, such as Christianity Today, Outreach, Charisma, HomeLife, and Relevant. Other promotions will include a national publicity campaign, Tyndale Blog Network promotion, NLT Facebook contests, radio and mobile advertising, and a church leader push that will include conference attendance at ETS, Catalyst, and retail pastor events.

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Associated products include:
Hardcover, 978-1-4143-3927-6, $49.99
LeatherLike, Brown/Tan, 978-1-4143-3928-3, $79.99
LeatherLike, Brown/Green/Dark Teal, 978-1-4143-3929-0, $79.99

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