CINCINNATI – July 9, 2012 — After 146 years, Christian Standard® magazine, believed to be the nation’s oldest Protestant weekly in continuous publication, will move to a monthly schedule starting in September 2012.


The Christian Standard has been continuously published since its first weekly issue rolled off printing presses on April 7, 1866. It has produced issues every single week for 146 years, except for two weeks in 1937 when a flood put its presses underwater.


Most of the time when a publication announces a change, it shuts down or moves totally online and ceases printing. In contrast, Cincinnati-based Standard Publishing’s announcement today indicates a redefinition that, according to publisher and editor Mark A. Taylor, positions the magazine for a strong future. The new monthly Christian Standard will be a total 68 pages, 64 pages plus a four page cover.


“The new format will be something like most weekly issues of Time magazine,” Taylor said. “But the changes will be more than in appearance,” he added. He said the thicker magazine will allow for more substantive treatment of subjects, including longer articles in some cases.


The mission of the Christian Standard remains–to serve leaders of the church, both professional and volunteer, with a special focus on leaders in the independent Christian churches around the world.


Why the updates?

Christian Standard‘s weekly publication coincided for many years with its use in conjunction with adult Sunday School materials, and many churches ordered it along with their traditional quarterly Sunday School curriculum material.


Increasingly, however, churches are moving to other models that emphasize small group or other types of fellowship groups for adults.


In the new monthly format, Taylor explained, each issue will include special treatment of its cover theme, as well as other articles about current issues or church practices in light of Bible teaching. The September issue, focusing on money and stewardship, kicks off this new approach. 


And while Paul Williams, chairman of Orchard Group, continues as editor-at-large and columnist, a newly-recruited slate of columns and features will give readers help and encouragement for many aspects of local church ministry.


Christian Standard has been a major medium for connecting leaders and members in the independent Christian churches and churches of Christ around the world,” said Taylor. “We believe this new monthly format will do a better job of serving our subscribers and attracting new readers.”


The switch to a monthly format will be announced at the North American Christian Convention in Orlando July 10-13, where Christian Standard will be featured in the Standard Publishing booth, and free subscriptions will be given to ministry graduates who are honored at a special service during the convention. Discounted subscriptions will also be available to attendees.


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Standard Publishing operates in Cincinnati, Ohio where it was founded in 1866 with the launch of Christian Standard magazine. Since then, the company has been raising the standard for true-to-the-Bible resources that educate, encourage and enrich. For more information, visit