BELLINGHAM, Wash., July 3, 2012Logos Bible Software is publishing, for the first time ever, the 22-year digital transcript collection of New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller, senior pastor of what’s been dubbed “one of Manhattan’s most vital congregations.” The massive Timothy Keller Sermon Archive — containing more than 1,200 expositional sermons preached to Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s diverse congregation of thousands — comes in the most cutting-edge electronic package available. It’s loaded with features from Logos’ free Bible apps, which let users instantly pull up Scripture on their screen by tapping Bible references in the text.

“Many people have asked me to take my sermons and make them into manuscripts and transcripts that could be more accessible, but Redeemer hasn’t been able to do that … it’s a very big project,” said Keller, whose 1989–2011 sermon series covers scores of real-life biblical topics. “However, the people at Logos now have come and said they will make those manuscripts available.”

Keller’s archive is designed to be read, searched and studied. The electronic collection allows users to search every sermon for any topic or verse in seconds. It also allows each message to be read side by side with Bible text for intense study. The archive of 1,233 sermons provides down-to-earth application on diverse biblical topics, including revival, spiritual warfare, the Christian lifestyle, the fruit of the Spirit, heaven & hell and arguing with Jesus.

Keller is president of Redeemer City to City, which has started hundreds of churches in dozens of major cities across the globe to influence and equip urban cultures in their faith. More than 1 million copies of Keller’s New York Times bestselling books have been sold in 15 languages.

“Fifty years from now, if evangelical Christians are widely known for their love of cities, their commitment to mercy and justice, and their love of their neighbors, Timothy Keller will be remembered as a pioneer of the new urban Christians,” said Christianity Today Senior Writer Tim Stafford.

The Keller collection integrates with the powerful Bible study tools and Christian resources of Logos 4, which empowers users to take advantage of cloud-synced notes and highlighting and to instantly search tens of thousands of ebooks by author or topic via iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or PC. The archive can also be experienced with split-screen and Bible word study features on Android-enabled devices.

To learn more about the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive, click here.

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