BELLINGHAM, Wash., June 28, 2012 — With more than 2.2 million words including notes, articles and Bible text, the all-digital Faithlife Study Bible launches as the world’s largest, most comprehensive and interactive study Bible. The FSB works with a number of popular Bible translations and features constantly growing study notes, maps and media. It is dynamically interconnected with the Faithlife community so that users can integrate their church, family, friends and school into their walk of faith.

“The Faithlife Study Bible revolutionizes the way people do Bible study,” said Logos President/CEO Bob Pritchett. “The FSB helps you dig deeper into the Word by putting a digital library at your fingertips, giving you access to ever-expanding notes, a library search, social sharing, an exhaustive Bible dictionary with scholarly articles and much, much more.”

In addition to 1.4 million words in study notes and articles, the FSB comes with the Lexham English Bible; daily devotionals; the 1.5-million-word, 2,700-article Lexham Bible Dictionary; about 400 photos, videos and infographics; and three layers of study notes. Other features include shared reading plans, notes and documents; smart searches; highlighting; and the ability to choose from several popular Bible translations, such as the NIV, NKJV, ESV and NASV.

The FSB links into the powerful Bible study tools and tens of thousands of electronic resources of Logos 4. The FSB app can be used anywhere via iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Macs, PCs, Logos Bible Software, Vyrso: Christian Ebooks and

To learn more about the Faithlife Study Bible, watch this brief video here and visit the FSB site here for further details.

The Faithlife Study Bible is a digital study Bible that allows readers to delve through layers of ever-expanding notes, rich media, the Lexham Bible Dictionary, and more. The FSB’s shared community notes and reading plans make it ideal for group Bible study, and it works with popular English Bible translations. The FSB can be read on iPad, iPhone and Android devices through Logos, Vyrso and Faithlife apps, as well as online at

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