In an industry continuing to experience convergence, Covenant Group is pleased to announce the immediate expansion of its membership with the addition of the 18-location Berean Christian Stores.

Chuck Wallington, founder and President of the Covenant Group states: “We are delighted to welcome Berean Christian Stores back to the Covenant Group. We have a long history of working with Berean on their marketing needs to both consumers and churches. In addition, our long-term relationship with Bill Nielsen has always been one of great respect and admiration as friendly competitors in the marketplace. To have Bill and his team as part of the expanding Covenant Group family is both a privilege and exciting. We look forward to producing even more effective promotions and programs for all of our member stores, our vendor partners, and the literally millions of customers we serve.”

Covenant Group’s promotional marketing expertise now encompasses the most complete and affordable means for Christian retailers to effectively interface with their customer base through several delivery points:

In the mailbox with seasonal flyers and catalogs available monthly

  • Online by way of fresh, vibrant branded websites

  • Via the inbox with weekly consumer e-blasts that tie all aspects together


Its catalog/flyer program is uniquely designed to bring focus to the leading products available to consumers each month—while helping member stores manage inventory and budgets simultaneously. Covenant’s branded website program is completely local store centric and offers a complete selection of physical products as well as e-books. It also boasts the industry’s largest selection of items for church needs. Additionally, Covenant’s monthly consumer flyers and catalogs are 100% shop-able online. If an item is promoted inside the pages of the mailing, consumers can view it and purchase from it—online 24/7.


This comprehensive and fully coordinated approach to all aspects of marketing to today’s customer base is one of the reasons Berean chose to join Covenant Group.


“Berean Christian Stores is honored to join the ranks of some of the finest independent Christian retailers across the country as we become part of the Covenant Group. I have admired the work and leadership of Chuck Wallington for many years and am pleased to now join him in this new and exciting way. Our stores are eager to fully support the Covenant Group and their effective marketing campaigns. I am convinced that Covenant strategies will drive significantly more traffic into Berean Christian Stores making our in-store merchandising and customer service programs more appealing than ever.“ –Bill Nielsen, Chief Operation Officer, Berean Christian Stores


Berean’s membership with Covenant Group is effective immediately, raising the storefront count by approximately 50% moving forward. As the country’s second largest independent chain, the combined purchasing power and promotional reach of Covenant Group retailers increases substantially. Berean will begin participating in all cooperative purchasing efforts this August, initiate the mailing of promotional catalogs in September, and will be utilizing the industry’s most complete church supply catalog from Covenant this fall.

Covenant Group welcomes retailers of varying volume levels into its membership ranks and most represent the dominant retailer in their respective trading area. If you would like more information about Covenant Group membership, marketing opportunities or its website services program available to any CBA retailer—contact Covenant Group today.


For more information contact:


Chuck Wallington, president


Covenant Group