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Carol Stream, IL May 14, 2012 — The Evangelical Press Association presented its 2012 Awards of Excellence and Higher Goals Awards at its annual convention May 9-11, 2012 in Colorado Springs. The global media ministry of Christianity Today was honored with 43 awards.

Each year the Evangelical Press Association contest honors the best work done by EPA-member publications during the past calendar year. This year 12 Christianity Today brands from across the nonprofit ministry won an award. David Neff, Christianity Today editor in chief and vice president, reflects, “All year long, everyone at Christianity Today does what they do for the sake of our readers. But once a year, we enjoy hearing what our professional peers think of our writing, editing, design, and digital efforts. This year’s Evangelical Press Association awards testified once again the high level of professional achievement of people at our ministry. News of these awards made me properly proud of those I work with.”

Some award highlights included:

“This Is Our City” starts off strong

With the launch of the multimedia “This Is Our City” project in 2011, the first city, Portland, won first place in the Article Series category. The judges gave this series high marks, saying, “A fine, well-reported, and creative package….that lets the material drive the stories.”

Christianity Today’s global coverage

Christianity Today is a leader in global reporting about the church, and several awards were given that had a strong international dimension to them, including:

  • Ethiopia’s River of Death,” a report on Christians fighting child sacrifice, won 1st place in the Reporting category, plus 2nd in Single Photo: Candid

  • Havens for Healing,” a piece by Catherine Newhouse on how Pentecostal renewal is transforming Rwanda, won 1st place for Student Writer of the Year

  • The Son and the Crescent” took 2nd place for Cause of the Year, Making the Bible Accessible, and 2nd place in Original Art

  • India’s Grassroots Revival”  received 5th place in the Photo Feature category

A focus on digital

This year’s awards had several new web/digital categories, and in the overall website design category, took 2nd place with judges commenting “very professional,” “engaging,” and a “great mobile experience.” This is noteworthy because of the site’s redesign in late 2011.  

Additionally, top honors went to Managing Your Church blog with the Award of Excellence in the Church Ministry (Digital) category and for Newsletter (Digital).


Below is the full listing of Christianity Today’s 2012 EPA awards:

Awards of Excellence

Honors overall excellence of a publication. Judges in this category evaluate a number of criteria, including writing quality, content choices and design.


Christian Ministry

Merit: Church Law & Tax Report

Excellence: Leadership Journal



Merit: Books & Culture

Merit: Christianity Today



Excellence: Church Finance Today


Christian Ministry (Digital)

Merit: Building Church Leaders

Merit: Catalyst Leadership

Excellence: Managing Your Church


General (Digital)

Merit: Christianity Today


Newsletter (Digital)




Higher Goals Awards

Honors individual aspects of a publication, such as reporting, column writing and design.


Article Series

1st Christianity Today Online: This Is Our City, Portland


Biblical Exposition

5th Christian Unbalanced Blessings

4th Leadership Journal: What Does God Think Of Entertainment?


Cause of the Year: Making the Bible Accessible

2nd Christianity Today: The Son and the Crescent



3rd Christianity Today: Disappointed with Intimacy



5th Christianity Today Online: Heaven, Hell, and Rob Bell

1st Christianity Today: An Everyday Scandal



2nd Christianity Today: Proselytizing in a Multi-faith World

1st Leadership Journal: Church 2 Church


First person

1st Christianity Today: My Perfect Child


General article short

1st Are We Afraid of Single Pastors?



5th Books & Culture: It’s All a Mystery

3rd The Goodness of God?

2nd Leadership Journal: War And Peace

1st: Christianity Today: Sex Economics 101


Personality Article

2nd Christianity Today: Super Natural: Josh Hamilton’s Comeback



4th Books & Culture:  Construction by Luci Shaw



1st: Christianity Today: Ethiopia’s River Of Death


Standing column

2nd Christianity Today: Wrestling With Angels (Carolyn Arends)



Student writer of the year

1st Christianity Today: Catherine Newhouse, A Haven For Healing



5th Leadership Journal

1st Christianity Today



3rd Christianity Today: Beelzeblog


Original art: traditional

2nd Christianity Today: Muslims and the Son Of God


Photo feature

5th Christianity Today: India’s Grassroots Revival


Photography use

4th Christianity Today


Single photo: Candid

2nd Christianity Today: Ethiopia’s River of Death


Single photo: Controlled

2nd Christianity Today: My Perfect Child


Typography and lettering

4th Leadership Journal: Surprised by Addiction

3rd Christianity Today: Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?


Website Design





2nd Christianity Today: Briefing


A full list of EPA 2012 awards can be found at the association’s website:


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